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Related post: Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 10:36:01 EDT From: Subject: Raw Recruits. Chapter 4.Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind child pornstar models where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between young adults. Please write: I would love to british porn models hear if you like my story. Raw Recruits. Chapter 4Sarge reached into his bedside drawer and pulled from it a medium sized black buttplug. He held it to Pvt. Shrum to lick and lube before he took it from the boy's kissing lips and eased it through the young private's tailslot till after several moments of the toysoldier's violent shuddering, his legs and arms splaying out wide, fingers and toes spread out stiff, quivering photomodels young like a tuning fork, all was at last calm in Shrummy's heart and hole. Sarge said, "You wear that for me pussy. If anybuddy tries to get at'cher tail, you tell 'em owny Sarge can remove it.""Yes, Sergeant.""Now, you might get yucks and funs at'chu in the shower, but you never mind. You wearing Sarge's 'badge of honor' boycunt....the badge of honor."As Robbie nodded, Sarge picked him up bodily and placed his feet to the floor and sent the kid to bed.It was 2 AM, and as Pvt. Shrum retrieved his boxers in the young models forums front room and left, Sarge was trying to model portfolio nude remember which one of his cuntboy white litle child model trash was the one coming to serve him in the morning....he thought it might be Conway....he switched off the light, sighing long and breathy.Pvt. Shrum thought he heard some groans, moans or something as he went down the dark aisle to the head, before going upstairs and sacking out. Mannnnn, that plug up his bunger....kept all Sarge's gushy spooge jelly slopping inside him, annnnd, the surprise result was the spunky mature neglige models little stud's prick stayed rock hard from the constant stimulation.......whewwww!After all he got and took in Sarge's quarters that night, the steel-pronged boy nestled into his bunk and was still in rut when he australian male models finally drifted off to a cum-filled dreamland of pussy....and big black cock......Raw Recruits. Chapter 4.'This georgia nude models is Carter again boys, Private Carter Osborne. Man lemme tell you, I arabic porn models was still trying to wrestle with my take down by Sarge earlier. Dummy that I was, I was just thinking that this was about only me....and Sarge. Did I have a rude awakening!'Alex was bunked next to me and was one smoothe, fine, black troop. Currently ranked first in the platoon, he was the envy of the unit. He was six foot, on a wiry frame of tight slender muscle, at 165 pounds. His head was shaved. The fucker was built like a Calvin Klein model....even had that distant, sullen bedroom sorta look.'There was no missing his handsome, circumcised cock muscle if not so much for it's 6 1/2 inch length...its thicks. It was a hefty super-sized hang, alright. (Yeh, I saw him hard with his morning woodie each day.) Weirdo that gay teen models I am, I notice ever'thin', and Alex also had an inny bellybutton, average size foot...I always checked the foot to modeling lola gallery compare to cock size, and verify the myth.'Alex had that quiet strength that made you sure he was in control. lia models 12yo I had never seen him pissed, or even to break out in raucous laughter. Everything about him seemed tempered. I guess that's what made me so shocked with what happened.'After trying to sleep off bloodrayne costume model the agony of my body and to my nude premodel psyche experienced in Sarge's quarters after chow earlier, I had a restless night to be sure. There was no doubt I was gonna be a mess for Tuesday's training. Shit, if there were any lectures, I'd never be able to keep my eyes open.'Mannnnn, now I was REALLY gonna have a reason for dropping down in the rankings.... Alex, my bunk bud, had seen Pvt. Shrum make his second trek into the Sarge at 11 that night. No dunce, Alex knew this was more than a smackdown for Shrum....he was gonna be in there a while.'Also, Alex' place at the top of the platoon ranking, made him mostly immune to any of the rousing by the likes of 'Magic', and the other squad leaders, plus he was 1st Squad, squad leader himself. He was pretty free to do as he p leased. It's just, his soft, and easygoing approach to things, made what he did a surprise to me....and surely, he knew, hadn't little kid models I had enough trouble that night?'Alex had stealthily risen from his bunk, and with his back to our mutual wall, he sat, knees up just above my head on my pillow.'As fitful as my sleep was, it seemed I hardly felt all the movement, but when I thought I felt body heat at the top of my head, my head snapped up and I pushed up on my elbows. The distant firelight in the hall exit gave me barely enough vision to pick out Alex' cock arched right over my face....then looking up, his handsome smile.'It wasn't dirty, or leering, just, well a nice guy's smile. BUT, he was sitting on MY pillow!!! Naked! His perfect English drifted into his own version child modeling portfolio of ghetto-speak. "Yo' be needin'iss whitey.""Gwulllpphh!" I was stunned! Shocked! Alex and me, man, we was 'friends'....buds of the foxhole, man....what's he doin'? 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My bunk buddy, grabbed onto my head and pulled me into his groin while I gurgled and gulped fuck-slop that was far more than I could handle. His dick bent around somewhere in the back of my mouth. He whined in a very long, tiny screeeel as he dumped latina sex models h is load through my facehole. I was eating my second black man in one night. How sad I felt just then. It was a feeling of emptiness, a caving of my inner self. I knew now, if soft and gentle Alex took me down, my mouth, and my ass belonged to the rest of the 'bruthahs' in these four squads....and there'd be no 'Sarge' to seek out for nothin'.'I hucc'd breaths as fast as I could to normalize as soon as Alex was able to recover and slip from my mouth. That fat cock! My jaw was sore! Then, the final debasement....he push-smushed his wet prick against my face, over my nose, against my forehead, then a swipe through my crewcut.'I turned to watch Alex' tight butt as he turned to his own bunk. Before I could turn away, he saw my face, whipped his dick back and forth a couple times, and said, "Tuhnight, Osborne."'I thought I saw him look above and past me, and smile wide. Ohhh mannnn. I felt a hand to my shoulder. When I jerked around there were three fingers shoved in my mouth. "Gucckkk!"'I tried to look to was 'Eddie Jack'. The squad had nicknamed him 'Eddie Jack', and I wasn't quite sure why. His name was Michael. I think it had something to do with his middle name and his always jackin' off...dunno. Until this moment, I thought Eddie Jack was a funny dude...sort of a court jester type.'While I sucked those black fingers, he pushed my boxers down, stepped over me, fingered my butt with the digits I had just spit-lubed. He was way up in me with what felt like at least two fingers. I heard him spit, probably in his hand. I heard 'shhllkky' sounds...prob'ly oiling his prick. I heard and felt spit at my hole sandra model photo where his fingers still frigged in and around my bung.'Ohhhh godddddd! His cock had to be driving its way home! His body heat! He was so hot on my back."You fuck fo' yo' new daddy, boyyyyy!" he nastily whispered into my right ear, which he then bit.'Eddie Jack' sure wasn't clownin' now! He was mean. His cock was mean. russian model thumbs And goddddd, that driving, famous hairy models pounding butt was as mean as they come. That squeaking old army spring bunk....godddddd, I hoped and hoped he wasn't getting the whole first floor horny with his relentless rutfuckin'. The damn bunk legs were actually coming up a bit off the floor with the butt-snapping power drive he was in. He must have realized the noise it was making and he slowed to a flexing buttslam."You make a sound, wussiefuck andju gonna be sooooosorreee!" he growled through the teeth chewing my ear.'I buried my face in my pillow, sopped with my own sweat and Alex' cumdrooze. I moaned it seemed like forever and from so deep inside me.'I actually could think....think past Sarge's telephone pole cock....and now with the dregs of Alex' pud sauce sticking my tongue to my palate, here I was taking the class clown's reamer up my rutbox. But that wasn't what was sending off wonderings into my dim brain, it was 'why me'? What made me the target of horny soldiers needing to get off? Maybe one of 'em was queer...but two of 'em, annnd Sarge?...can't be...and whut did I do to get them thinking I was?'Later, a'course, I was to know, and quickly enough. I was gonna find out it wasn't ME! They were gonna pick us all off...every fuckin' whitey in the platoon was goin' down. Sarge lit the fuse....and 36 'bruthahs' was gonna shoot it off. Well, that's later....this is now...and just as Eddie J. buried cock to the pubes and started to, "Ungh! Unngh! Uh! Uh!" right into the back of my neck while he fired his seed up into me in throbs that seemed to 14yo teenmodels pics make his cock balloon to twice the size, I heard the shuffle of bare feet past my bunk. It must have been past two in the morning. Who could it have been? Couldn't he see what was happening? But, I don't think I wanted anyone to know I'd been a cumdump for mansex.'My skin crawled as daphne russian model I realized my whole life could be changing for all my times. It can't be. Used for cock! for sex! by men! I know I didn't look for this. Tears filled my eyes as I squeezed them shut and was turned onto my back, my asshole oozing blackboi teenage models nn juices.... being fed a funky, ass-slimed cock to swab. I broke into sobs...uncontrollable sobs. Eddie J. rammed deeper into my face and smacked my head, "Shut up, queerbait! Shut-the-fuck-up!" 'Smack! Sumupp! Sspffk! Smcck!''I got a shot for each word he growled. Once his prick was clean of my asshole taste and his own cumslop, the heavy weight on me was gone, and so was Eddie J. I heard his bunk strain as he laid down and pulled up his sheet. I stared at the rafters in that sparse building. They looked so garish in the firelight from the hall. I felt Eddie's cock up my butt, and the oozing spooge every time I unconsciously squeezed my cheeks. I felt where Eddie J. bit my ear...and I still tasted his cock and cum in my mouth. All this almost made me forget Sarge....but, then I shivered when I saw my mind's image of Sarge's face staring down at me. I jerked up, but then realized it was my imagination running wild.'I guess I fell asleep finally somewhere's after 3 AM, 'cause the next thing I knew we wuz being screamed at by Sarge to get our fuckin' asses out and runnin' in five minutes.'Boots, fatigue pants, t-shirt and everyone was charging out the door to form up for the morning run.'Our eyes could barely focus, but in about 2 minutes we'd be as fresh as daisies from this pattern of 'up ' at 'em' practiced by the Army. See yuh nex' time guys.'Carter Osborne's overnight odyssey was over.Following the run and their shower, the four squads headed for breakfast at the hairy female models mess hall. Most guys 18 years old haven't had breakfast for years, but if you don't eat in basic, man, you feel like you're dying in two hours of brutal field training. So they learned to eat....and eat good.They all straggled back to the barracks after mess, and this was one of those super moments. 'Free' time for about 30 minutes before they marched out to the first training site."Private Conway reporting as ordered Sergeant."The joy of being cadre sergeant was that after the first week, the platoon form-ups and roll calls were taken by the trainee soldiers themselves, and Sarge would just go back for another few 'Zzzzzz's before his shower and dressing for the day.Conway stood in full training dress as he reported at the tremble to Sergeant Carter. Very softly, Sarge gave Conway the news that he was almost a half hour late."Ummm-uhhh..." Conway gasped, stammering, "I umm thought...uhh...Sergeant, you would want me to foto nude model eat first before reporting.""Fust off, troop, you DON'T fuckin' think! Next, I invited you to eat here, with me this morning....and you failed to accept the invite."Sarge had opened his pants and hauled out his fresh and hot morning brockwurst for Conway to chow down on.His lips quivering, Conway moved toward the sergeant who gave him no guidance. He didn't want to look like he 'wanted' to blow his sergeant....but didn't want to chance that he didn't do what the big man wanted. Even though Sarge was only in his mid twenties himself, he had all the power, commanded attention and respect, whether the order was silent or yelled.Conway was relieved when Sarge nodded and looked to the floor as Conway was chest to chest with him. He HAD done the right thing, and he WAS to get to his knees and take Sarge in his mouth. He did.The young troop pulled the 9 inch truncheon from it's upward angle and fed it through his lips. He tasted it, licked it and sucked Sarge till the big guy was hunching and grunting in place. "Do it, boi. Do ITTTTTTTTTT! Yesssssss! Suck yur ol' Sarge like you know yo' loves it....and MEANS it!"The 'schlikky smluckky' sounds echoed around the brunette bikini models sparse walls of Sarge's quarters. "Oh- oh-ohhh! Good boi...suck hard young dude....oh that fuckin' tongue...yahhhhh! Ungh! Ughh! Unnngh!" Sarge came quarts into Conway's sadly overflowing mouth. With a final pasting of Conway's head into his pubes, Sarge held him tight to him as he jolted through his entire aftercum, then shoved the kid's head off him and backward so violently, Conway went sprawling to the floor on his back."Your punishment for being late this morning will be meted out this evening. You will be sent for....ahm thinking I owes Sergeant Fenwick in 3d Platoon a favor. Maybe I be 'farmin'' you out tuhnight fer a spell. Sgt. Fenwick...he L-O-V-E-S white pussy. Get down'ere now and lick the fuckin' mess you just slopped on the floor.""Yes, Sergeant," Conway said as he scrambled to his knees and crawled to the puddle of cum and spit drool that the buck private lost when Sarge blew his wad."Get out! You have a rough morning on tap....and a rougher night, dumbfuck!"Conway hauled ass and was out the door before Sarge could berate him further.'Magic', 2d Squad leader smirked when he saw the harried Conway come flying out Sarge's door like there was a panther at his heels. He gave a knowing smile, and a nod to his bunk area mate....and their petite models nudes eyes followed Conway as he hustled to the head to wash out his mouth and square himself away. His uniform was twisted and partly pulled out from his pants. His face was tiny models inna beet red, shiny with spit and cum, and he generally looked like he'd been sat on.While Conway was taking care of Sarge after mess that morning the squad leaders, led by 'Magic' met across the road in the trees. "Look...I wanna set up intros tonight, after we're back from the field. As we head for the showers, all 8 of them crackah pukes is gonna get a taste 'a whut's to come. It'll jus' be a 'warm-up', cuz I haven't got a handle on whut Sarge's routine with them is gonna be. So far, we DO know, he put every one of 'em down last night....and that teddy bear kid Shrum, twice. Here's whut do" ....... ....everybody leaned in....They had listened to Magic's plan, and agreed that it would be just a 'break-in' of the white dudes, until they were sure they had a fix on Sarge and what he was doing. Alex confessed he took am model preteeen a piece of forbidden fruit the night before...and reported that Eddie Jack had also taken a share. Magic was brazilian porno models a little burnt, but Alex was Alex, and commanded respect, child modeling tgp if not surprise from the others.When they broke up, Magic put his arm around Alex and said, "Hey bro, I sho' didn't 'spect dat fum you....the quiet man. But'cha know? I like it. It makes me feel more like we in this thing together fer da fust time, sandra forum model yuh know?"Alex just nodded and smiled. In his few short years, he'd felt that twinge of pain from time to time growing up....and he thought he'd take a bit of his payback the night before out of Osborne.The platoon had lunch in the field that day out custom model cars of their packs. They found some shade and sat in groups of twos and threes, and some grabbed a few winks before the next exercise.After the march back to the barracks following the last field mission, as per usual, the dirty soldiers just flopped on their bunks for a short respite. Soon they'd all tinymodels forum be up, stripping for showers before mess.Filing into the shower, unknowingly stalked by two black escorts each, came the eight white-tailed recruits. None realized that two naked black dudes were left and right of them at their heels. Since showers was such a necessity after a day in the field, no one had to be dragged in.But....once in the shower, Magic just nodded and pointed at the each pair of stalking cccp models soldiers, and they would take hold of their white charge's arms and put him to his knees. When the boys from upstairs filed in, the four white sweetbreads was put chest-to-chest with the already 'downed' whities from the first floor.Magic spoke. "This be eeeee-nitiation fer you pussybois. You will do as you told, and that's all. Cold sweat started to bead on the eight white recruits. You will each purse yur lips....that's mini model nn press them puckers into the lips of bondage model contracts your partner. DO IT!!"The way the white kids were paired, put a 2d floor guy with a 1st floor guy, lips-to-lips. The first black bois amelia star model to ee-nitiate the whities were the squad cristina modeling leaders.The slight hesitation got Magic barking. His voice boomed around the tiled room of sinks, shitters, trough urinal and showers. The eight dudes smooshed their lips together in fear of disobeying beth model boyfriend after not only Magic's screaming, but their being surrounded by hulking black guys all around them with hands on them."Nowwwwww, isn't dat sooooo cute!" Magic mocked. They were four kissing pairs of whiteboi recruits, kneeling naked to sparkle model the floor across the front wall of the bathroom. They were positioned so that if you walked into the bathroom, their sides were facing the door.32 black soldiers moved to other side of the room, and cat nn model Magic had them gather in groups of eight, but in such a free underag models way that they could see all the action of their brothers when they submitted black prick to whiteboi lips.The first dude to approach was kinga teen model Magic. The first paired up sweetbreads, Shrum and Denny, trembled as he moved in next to them, facing into the room. He fed his cock-monster through the kissing lips of the two white kids. When his shiny black cockhead seeped through the other side with that big pisshole opening wide, cheers went up from the other 35 roaring troops. He called for the 3 other squad leaders to sink through the pursed puckers of the next three boy recruit pairs. He rutted the Shrum-Denny lip rail, ten times and then stepped back, and with a hand motion, called for the next four guys to do the same.The cock tension in those 36 black dudes was electric...the whole room was alive with erotics.As the lip-sucked black and purple cockheads surged up and back between the pasted faces of the four boy pairs of white troops, hands went to 10yo boy models hard, leaking pricks...rubbed big black balls....breathing got short....hearts raced. As they had got through the first 21 guys, the remaining 15 looked like they had hotfoots as they were yong model 3d hopping on one foot, then the other, in their building anxiety to feel urban teen models the surge of lust, cock and top50 model photography power ls model ww4 from fuckhumping their ebony pricks between a pair of sucking whitey lips.In the course of each dude's btm entertainment models pumping ten times through four sucking lips and two cock lapping tongues, it was inevitable that some would blow their wad.....annnnnd they did. Eleven guys shot off xxx model talents part way through their pumps."You little teenen models fuckin' whitesucks, wolf them shooting peters down your mowffs! Don'tchu dare lose any bruthah cums."It was fascinating and crazy for the others to watch the scrambling, kissing suck boys duel for black cock so's not to lose any black troop spooge...and then to lick off each other's face of any that oozed out.The black guys who hadn't got their nut, stood around pounding off children panty models till they did blow all over the heads and shoulders of the sucking young ilegal model white bois, while each new black soldier rammed his poker through those lip rails. The image of four suck-slupping pairs of boy faces working out below them as they palmed their puds was more than they needed to whitewash those eight kids in gobs costume model nude of pearl jam.They had all been advised of the initiation plan before getting to the shower room, so nobody felt shortchanged. The object was to 'introduce' whiteface to black meat, for the specific purpose of debasing the white bois, and to diminish resistance to their service young models portal of black cock, and the black man, for the duration of basic training.As the last of the waiting horde pulled his sopping prick from the kissing lips of his whitecunt pair, all the others were either showering, toweling off, or waiting to squeeze in under an open warm spray.The four pairs of whities were still hope model nonude kneeling...still lip-sucking...waiting for orders....drenched in streaks of droozing bruthah cumshoot from their crewcuts, down their backs through their buttcreases, and even the bottoms of their upturned feet and toes.Magic did not release them, and they just knelt 'kissing', through the showers of some 36 guys.Then as the last of black troops stood dripping at the entrance to the showers, Magic shuffled up to the four pairs of dazed cocksuckers. "Look up at me, dirtholes," he ordered them. They broke their liplocks nn bikini models and puppydogged up at Magic's face and wicked smile. " 'At's got it." Then he moved right up close to the left-most kid, and held his oversized cock to the kid's lips..."Kiss, pussy....kiss it gooooooood!" Smiling and nodding, he moved right across to each of the other seven kneeling bambino models troops, getting big sloppy boy kisses to his hardening bone. As he reached the last kid, he told them they were free to wash and get ready little lady models for dinner.The remaining black kids watching, Pvts. Shad, Brown, and Mason stepped aside as the eight slavebois struggled to stand, and make their way into the showers.Magic couldn't resist. The cum of all his black brothers coating that fine whiteboi skin....just gonna be washed down the drain...he couldn't have that. "Wait, fuckwads! I wantchu to lick the bruthahs' cum off all'a yuhs, BEFORE you wash....DO IT!!!!!" Those exhausted fuckin' kids went about licking their buds from hair to nymph model galleries toes while Magic and the other three guys watched, and called out from time to time, "You missed a spot!" then laughed and slapped hands. They did it in sort of a 'train' formation, with each guy being licked by the guy behind him, then they turned front and did the same. They were actually able to be formed into a circle so that the last kid was being licked by the first kid. Magic was ecstatic with his choreography.Magic had Brown inspect the kids after they stood teen model cheyenne back at attention for approval to shower. Brown made election models Denny stick his tongue up Hodge's asshole, and then gave the 'ok' for them to shower.Pvt. Brown and the others watched with Magic as the eight dudes washed and toweled off. One by one the white soldiers shuffled to romania teen models the door with a towel about their waists.... except one.Magic grabbed Carey's elbow as he made for the door, and bent his arm behind him till the kid bent over and down with tears running down his face. It wasn't just the arm pain....Carey was cracking and just caved into himself.Soon he was on the floor, legs up, big black nude model peach cock plowing his hole."Oh mannnnnn! Maggggg-icccc!!!" whewwwed one of the remaining black recruits as Magic reamed Carey a new asshole. It was James Mason. He was pulling down on his big black nuts, bobbing absently, sort of hunched over, wheezing to himself in nearly incoherent whispers. His meaty prick was slick with his own spit and he was gripping it so tight its bulbous shiny head and pisshole were distorted. James was crazed watching Magic.He and the other young black soldiers surrounding Magic and Carey there on the tile floor of the shower were equally transfixed....pulling on their leaking slabs.Maybe it was James' heaving his breaths out loud and whispering Magic's name over and over under his breath as he humped his dick through his torturing fingers, that the others started to mimic and chant. Goddddddd, it was s-o-o-o-o-o fuckin' hot!!!Then Magic pounded hard and models petite shortened his strokes. He tiny art models pushed forward behind Carey's upthrusted ankles....and then he sank deep modelle fotos teens and hard....all held their breath....Magic was seeding whitepussy....and then he screeled in a wild animal siren, shaking his head violently, spraying his manboy sweat as he did.James, Pvt. Mason, and the others were frozen at mid-palmpump when Magic pulled his fat 6 incher out of Carey while he was still shooting. His gloppy spoo drooled onto Carey's pinky-white butt cheeks and then oozed in that clumpy, fuck-goo way down into Carey's crack.The three other guys just watched. It's hard to tell if they really 'saw' what they were seeing. Then, ohmigod, after Magic rubbed his mushy cockhead through the dregs of his fuckshoot, and that which was seeping out of Carey's bunger, then he sank that mandick BACK sexy models child into Carey again and went out of his mind with the super tender cockhead jolts from his aftercum. But he kept on, bucking and jolting till his dickhead calmed, and broke into a smoothe butt fuck. The other kids started pulling like crazy and then all together seemed to rush to Carey and started pulling his legs up higher and higher by his toes lee australian model and ankles, such that jap av model Carey was up on the back of his neck and shoulders, asian models cum his legs way over and behind his head. That fine white asscunt was so high that Magic was actually pounding down into the young fucker's ass. James moved behind Magic and was amazed at the sight of those big balls flopping against Carey's battered ass. Then his eyes focused on glamour nude models the pasty cum encircling Magic's surging cock as it plowed the kid in total refuck. Oh man whutta sight!The fucking horny Magic was cumming again! He gushed his pearly slop down into Carey this time without pulling out for the others to enjoy. Finally, in rutting heaves, gasping for air, Magic's 6 foot frame fullumped into Carey's crotch, putting even more strain on the back of the fucked-over kid's neck.Then in a flurry, Magic jerked upward, yanked his meat from Carey with an echoing "Ssssqwuskkfwupp!" and a 'SMACK!' to Carey's ass, leaving the two soldiers holding Carey's butt way up with his models top100 asshole youngest teen models winking the droozing Magicgoo out with each involuntary buttflexing pulse.Pvt. Mason, fogged as he was, was in such need after watching the erotics of Magic's doublefuck, that without even a conscious thought, he sank his own 6 inch black poker through the slop of Magic's afterfuck.The others each kept hold preetenn modell teenn of an petite models forum ankle of Carey's, but had let him drop down almost flat on his back as James kneeled into the broken cumdump.James plowed some art models wanted bay-addd ass for too short of a good time, before he was cumming violently, shaking him and Carey wildly from the intensity of his whole shattering hamslamming whiteyfuck.The sweat on his glowing black skin shone in the overhead light of teen model rusian the showers. Sadly, he didn't get either a chance to plow him another furrow in that fertile toysoldier bung before little Pvt. Brown, last night's messenger for Sarge, pulled Pvt. Mason out of Carey and before he was able to stagger to his feet, Browny was deep into whiteboi assfuck.Brown was a sing-songy motherfucker if there ever was one. He wheeed and wailed and joyed aloud, swinging his head up and side to side like he was the lead vocal in a rock band.He finished in a growling rap rant before slamming home with crying yowl that echoed out into the squad bay. I can tell you, there was some fine standing black tools out there when they heard l'il Brown goin' off!He didn't wait for his other buddy private to pull him out of Carey. He 'Phulukk'ed out of Carey's soggy cumhole and sat on the jade bikini model poor dude's chest and got sucked off!Carey couldn't know he was being fucked again when Pvt. Shad popped his beer can sized 5-plus incher naked child supermodels into him. Young Shad was pretty thick, but the well-plowed 'fuck' private's asshole was so worked over he could probably take anything up there now. The funk of asshole and four soldiers' cum slop on it made him almost shy away from taking Browny's teen model pree boycock through his lips. Pvt. Brown was having none of that, and squeezed Carey's nose shut, smacked his face and when Carey opened up, Browny's ass-slimed ebony peter sank all the way through to Carey's throat hole. "Suck it'chu faggot. I want'chu to suck my cock so g-o-o-o-o-d that amanda mitchell model I blow me another load outcher fuckin' nose!"Brown was getting unexpected assistance as each rut behind him from Pvt. Shad's pounding prick, gave Carey's face a free ride over Brown's pumping prick. "Manohfuckoh whitebread....fuckin' you....fucking youuuuuuuu...Iyam fuck-in' YOUUUUUUUU!" wailed Pvt. Shad, near out of his mind, plowing him a boy....and a white one at that for the first ever time in his life and he was so fuckin' sure, ol' Carey would NOT be his last!He was so crazed and hot he licked the back of Browny's head and neck, and then even bit the kid's shoulder. Brown didn't ivey teen model care. He was so into gettin' his nut that one mo' time into sex model real Carey's pinky gullet. He slammed hard into Carey's throat and gagged the young soldier who started 'gucc'in' and 'sqwukk'in' and then as Browny sabdra teen model was about to blow....godddd, he was so crazy! He was bouncing his cheek-flexing butt up and down while he rutted to and fro into petitre nude models Carey's face, wheezing and squealing, and then he just froze.....and fired! His cockhead was stuck into the slot of Carey's pussythroat and the next thing was nonnude model 12yo a 'gwulphh'ing snort from Carey, and Brown's pulsing prick shot wad after hot fuckwad against the back of Carey's mouth. Then he was joyed to tears when he saw his own fuckslop running out of the poor fuckin' kid's nose! Omigod!!! texas bikini model It was fuckin' beautiful!!! It was drooling back onto the wide black meat of his blood engorged fuckslab and going right back through the kid's sucking lips which just kept guppy-creeping up the length of that spit-shined ebony hambone.Browny was so happy he was crying, and bounced himself harder and harder on top of Carey's heaving chest.Pvt. Shad was getting off behind him and beat Browny's back again and again with his fists in his cumshooting exhilaration.What an initiation! All those eight white privates had their first introduction to the service of their fellow soldiers. They also had the realization that this might become a regular, everyday, maybe every fucking hour thing. It's not certain the young soldiers understood service...cock service...BLACK cock service...but it was about to be emblazoned in hot-fired cum, indelibly, into their very souls....Magic, who was showered and long gone out into the squad bay, wore a big wh ite-eyed, white toothed ear-to-ear smile hearing the goings on from the head.Shad and Brown dragged Carey's fucked over pussy under the showers, young model sex and made him wash them from illegal top model toes to pits. After a few whirling rinses under the warm spray, they yukked as they shut the hot water and enjoyed Carey's gut-wrenching screams when the ice cold water hit him as they stepped out to towel off."Wash yer slimy fucking ass, cumdump, and don'tchu dare turn on that hot water!" Brown yelled as he and Shadboi wrapped their waists with their towels and padded back out to the squadbay. Whistles and cheers accompanied their entrance into the bay along with stomping feet. New whiteboi takedown cult heroes was borned!Browny and Shad bowed deeply and whipped their towels off, flashing them like matadors as they coursed the aisle between the two squads' bunks to their lockers.Something caught their eyes as they reveled in their new glory. Brown turned and saw what it was. Seven whitebreads from 1st and 2d floor were in a row as the boysex odyssey played itself out.1st floor guys, Osborne, Conway, Denny, and Barry, were pretten nude modelling dressed in their white tees, army green gym shorts, and sneaks with no socks, alongside Hinds, Shrum and Hodge, from the 2d floor all dressed the same. Next to Hodge, on the floor, was a pair of gym shorts, tee, and Carey's sneaks from upstairs. They were waiting for their black bros to get ready to head out for dinner, chests out and straight, hands to their sides for all the appearance of being at attention....waiting.....on their knees, heads bowed.After the chubby 12yo model 3d and 4th squads had filed down to the first floor, Carey's squad leader went to the shower and escorted the naked young fuckdump to his clothes on akeda model bc24 the floor. He was shaking himself apart, fumbling trying to put them on while all the black dudes screamed and railed at him like marine DI's do. His fellow whitey bois just shivered in place with their little blonde models heads down. Then without being told, Carey just turned around kneeled at attention next to Hodge, and bowe d his head....Oh boy. Oh FUCK-IN' BOYYYYYYYYYY!Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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